A-tweaking I shall go...

Added a few tweaks to the site. Thankfully, because from the off I designed the site so that each blog is an individual document, I can now add functionality such as the ability to link to individual weblog posts.

I've also fixed an annoying wee buglet that caused the site to send me error logs whenever someone clicked on the logo at the top of the site's pages… this won't have affected end users, but it annoyed me! Sorted now though. Next on the agenda is fixing the search function.

Obligatory links for the day include the amazing Edsger Dijkstra archive, discovered via Ned Batchelder's site. If you're a geek, go check it out.

Also, since we're on a techie theme, and I've mentioned Ned (a former Iris guru and champion of XML in Domino Designer), I found out the other day that Ray Ozzie, inventor of Lotus Notes and Groove is now blogging. Get over there!

Later… Search fixed, I think. Go to it… You can search blog entries, comments (heh) and of course, articles (yeah, I know, all two of them — trust me, I'm nearly there with lots more. Oh, OK, here's a brief one before I finish the next "proper" set…).

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