A FLURRY of activity!

Yes, I finally got some more articles published. We've even had some comment activity. Woo hoo!

I've put through a few tweaks that I just had to get done. No doubt more will follow… To whoever was searching for the landscape printing code today, it's here now!

Moving on, I so laughed at this Dilbert link I got the other day. See if it matches your experiences. Edit: link now dead. Oh well. It was really funny. No, really!

In a busy day (my JSPs nearly work), I also received an email from a chap in the Netherlands who's linked to my site. So, to reciprocate, here's his Notes & Domino start page. Some of the links are old, and he doesn't include Jake's Codestore or Mike's Notestips sites (can you believe that?!), but anyway…

Finally, a tid-bit of interest: Ray Ozzie clarifies re Groove 2.1 & Notes.

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