Java on the Mac

Today, working from home. Which gives me a chance to code some Java whilst burning some new CDs on the Mac. That iTunes app is super! I think it’s based on SoundJam, which was, as they say “kick-ass.”


Had a chance also to check out Project Builder which looks the biz. You can code in Java, C, C++, Objective C and AppleScript, all from within the same nifty IDE. Works with its companion tool, Interface Builder, plus all the standard debuggers and compilers like javac, gcc & gdb.

Maybe I’ll just ditch this Notes / Domino lark, and become a Mac developer instead… :-o

Sheesh, now I have people from Thames Water trying it on with my site. What is it with people that they have to try and break into a website like this? There’s nothing more to see! Move along!

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