Music industry = prize tools

Ah, the music industry. Bunch of [email protected]

I get the weekly news. It's quite an entertaining read. If I may (well, just who am I asking for permission, eh?), I'll quote a little — says it all really:

The music industry has been, and still is, convinced that illegal music downloads are ruining its finances. CD sales in the first half of 2002 were seven per cent down on 2001 levels, according to the record labels, which equates to around $284m in lost revenue. And they blamed Napster's peer-to-peer peers for their impending penury (yeah right).

Do they have a point? Maybe, maybe not. One reader we heard from certainly has a different perspective.

"The reason I buy less CDs is because of all the poo they are trying to foist upon the public, not because of P2P. I mean 'Popstars'… what the fuck was that all about then?"
Ha ha! Spot on, that man! I bought a couple of CDs last week. They are current new chart releases, and cost me &163;8.99 each including P&P and VAT. The same CDs were &163;13.99 each in HMV. Well, I'll leave you to do the maths. It's not the peer-to-peer network that's killing music…

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