Trying to search?

Not much to report other than that I'm starting to get quite a lot of hits from those over at the LDD. I'm going to echo one of last week's posts though, and ask users that they search this site using the Find box to the left.

You'll find that you'll then actually get some search results, rather than my error page telling you you've done something iffy with the URL.

I don't know, you Domino developers thinking you know how to navigate round a site using the address bar…

For others, you should now have no problem searching if you're in the habit of hitting the "return" key rather than clicking the "Go…" button. Hope that's useful!

Notes stuff for today: someone thinks we owe her something just 'cause a few of us tried to help over at the LDD Gold Forum (this sort of thing is why I should give that place up — yeah, I know, I'm a curmudgeonly git), I publish Tip #3: displaying graphics in Notes client views, and I get a mail from some guys with a site called Apparently they're linking to me, so I'm returning the favour!

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