Friday - super!

A few tweaks to the site, including a link to Gary Devendorf's Lotusscript for the terrified article, which has been updated. I've added this link to my Starting with Lotusscript article.

What else? Well, we have the obligatory Friday afternoon silliness, and also I hear mention of a new version of Chimera.

Finally, thanks go to Justin Knol for his useful guestbook entry concerning Tomcat and the Mac. I may publish something on my adventures with this too, if I find out anything of any worth.

Later: here are Justin's comments, as the guestbook is now no more…

I saw your comments about Tomcat on MacOSX. Have you seen the stuff that O'Reillys have about MacOSX and Tomcat in general. There is a general Tomcat column at The Mac Dev Centre is at this has a couple of articles on Tomcat and OSX - even one on mod_jk and apache (

During the day I do Notes Admin/Architecure at a govt department and then use OSX at home. I have been playing with Tomcat/JWSDP in both places and working with the developers at work who are starting to think about building Web Services into our existing Notes & Web apps. I'm trying to get my head around the JWSDP and figure out how to use it to wrap domino web apps. All the IBM/Lotus stuff on web services is focussed on WebSphere, I'd like to know what other options are possible.

I only came across your site a week or two ago - seems like we have a lot in common. The site is interesting - keep up the good work.

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