That day looms...!

Heh. I've just spent a load on booze for a bash tomorrow night. Meanwhile in the world of the web, Curtis is finally getting his site together. I wouldn't go there unless you know him though. Otherwise you'll just be scared.

Oh yes, I've added a "Links" section to the site's main navigation. This only has a few things in it at the mo-jo, but naturally I will be updating it regularly. I've also updated the paltry few photos that are in the photo album with some commentary. I've dusted off the scanner now, and may well add some more soon!

BTW, thanks to everyone who's been signing my guestbook. It's much appreciated, and I have been sending people mails (e.g. answering the question, 'What's a 'blog?') — it's nice to know people are out there and reading.

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