Friday nonsense

Wow! And now for my next link…

Following on from that Amazon Harry Potter "vibrating broom" thing (alas, sadly removed from the US Amazon site, but see this link for an idea of what went on) that did the rounds recently, a work colleague forwarded a new Amazon link.

It's a collection of product reviews on Amazon by the same bloke (Henry Raddick). He reviews just about everything he sees, and has built up a sort of story about his wife (Marjorie), his kids, uncle, dog, etc. through his reviews (all 279 of them). It is hilarious. I can't believe comedians out there have the time and patience to do things like this. Anyway, here it is. I shall leave you with an excerpt from Harry's review of Pocket Massage For Stress Relief by Clare Maxwell-Hudson:

A tremendous book to help soothe and relax. I tried a little "pocket massage" on a train recently — it certainly relieved the stress, but do remember to chose your venue with care, especially if you are using essential oils.

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