Iris = Lotus

It's interesting to see when persusing the various LDD forums that many people still refer to "Iris" as a separate entity. Here's an old tidbit from e-Pro Magazine which sets the record straight:

Iris Associates Ceases to Exist as Separate Entity
By Rita-Lyn Sanders
29 May 2001
Lotus is integrating more than its products. Iris Associates, the small company that has been the haven of Notes and Domino developers, will be integrated into Lotus's development organization and cease to be a separate subsidiary, Lotus said Tuesday.

Iris was born when Lotus provided Halvorsen, Len Kawell, and Notes creator Ray Ozzie with the funding to start Iris Associates and develop Notes, in exchange for the exclusive purchase rights to Notes. Lotus purchased Notes in 1988, and eventually the company also bought Iris Associates in 1994.

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