Domino, J2EE and .NET

Hmmm… maybe we Domino / J2EE types really should be worried about .NET. Check out this story: .NET Saves Boy Down Well

Well, that JSP stuff I was doing is pretty much done. Rather than rely on the HTML feed from Domino to provide a means of navigating through the data it presents, I coded some simple Javascript that referenced a JSP tag to provide navigation options. Best yet, a wee tweak of this ever-so-simple method should finally end my conventional Domino development anguish about how best to present view navigation. Cool.

And yes, that link I just provided is to a new small article! In fact, there's been a publishing frenzy today… quite a few articles, so go and take a gander.

I almost forgot, a new tool's been released by Jagre. It's for Domino Designer (v5 and, I believe, v6), and lets developers track all hide-when formulae in addition to other dependencies within a form. You can download it here.

Here's today's chortle-mungous link.

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