Phew, almost there.

Not being funny, but the portal product we use recommends against the use of Javascript, due to the way the product is designed. To me, this smacks of poor design on the part of portal app makers. Am I totally off-base? Whilst the system makes extensive use of JSPs, and offers heaps of classes etc. to use, which me like, I still feel the need for some simple JS every now and again. Am I so bad? Surely Javascript is almost compulsory if one is developing any form of interactive experience for one's users?

I understand the arguments for not using JS in this particular product, but to me that simply underlines why it's not that great a product. Ho hum. Next thing they'll tell us XML is a programming language.

Well, nadgers to it, I've coded some wee bits o' Javascript into my JSPs anyway, and to avoid naming clashes all functions contain the JSP ID in them. And a fine job it all does too. I shall be publishing more when the bugger's been tested, and I've stopped having dreams about it. It works in Tomcat as well as the proprietary system we're using too!

(In fact, my code's been very easy to implement in Tomcat, and a damn site simpler to debug… Sssh! Secret squirrel!) ;-)

Now, I'm not normally a games person, but this, this is just dreadful. Try it. But don't blame me if you get addicted!

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