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A long time ago, in a land far far away — well, OK, Berlin in September 2000 — I went to a the Lotusphere conference, and learned about DXL (the XML "dialect" that describes Notes & Domino design and data objects). I also saw a beta of the XML toolkit, which allowed the user to export a database as DXL, use a text editor to tweak some elements, and then import the DXL back to a "tweaked" database (amongst other things).

Wow. This could open up all kinds of avenues… the demo even engendered spontaneous applause, which as any American presenter at European conferences knows, ain't easy. >

Now, whilst I was impressed, work took over, and I thought little more of these developments for some time, until one day we had this discussion at the LDD. Hmmmm… Then, reading Jake's blog at Codestore today, talk of this surfaced there too (see this link). Interesting innit?

I need to get my Java chops up to scratch… But I think Steve Castledine might beat me to it. Heh!

Oh yes, published a very quick tip today.

I've just heard. Richard Harris, RIP.

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