Search fixed? Again??

I've been having more trouble with the search code on this site, and finally pinpointed the issue tonight… If anyone's remotely interested, here goes:

Errors abounded only when searching from the front page, i.e. when the browser address bar read "". That gave me my clue — the code putting the search URL together was obviously failing. It was failing because it used a Javascript function to parse the URL, assuming that the characters ".nsf" appeared somewhere in the original document.location object. Which of course in this instance, it didn't.

The solution? I dropped the URL function in favour of something far more simple: computed text in the Javascript "page" design element which appends the correct URL fragment to the site's usual base href URL.

Other stuff… my JSPs are pretty much done, and I have the much-promised article about my experiences there coming up soon. I'll also briefly cover using Tomcat as a JSP container with Domino, and why I think there are very few occasions one would actually want to do that (!)…

Further reading: the original simple search code can be found over at Jake's Codestore site.

Finally, this is funny. I hope these guys get somewhere!

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