Heh, I did this rant over at Codestore about a blog Jake published re Isys, and their "assessment" of Lotus Notes… it kind of ranks with The Middleware Company's comparison of J2EE technologies with .NET in terms of validity. Anyway, I don't think Mr.H took kindly to my lengthy post:

Indeed it is a long post. Longer in fact than my actual blog. Is that not bad manners. Like turning up to a wedding in a better dress than the bride maybe.

Crikey. Sorry mate! (I would note however that Jake didn't choose to publish my amazingly witty response, regarding a possible predilection for dresses on his part… Kinda touchy I thought: why invite comments in the first place?)

Ned Batchelder's blog is always well worth a read, and he's covered some particularly interesting stuff the last few days — for example, Jim Flanagan on project management, and Universal Binary Format (UBF).

Silly stuff: I got 32 out of 100. I guess I'm not a blog-aholic.

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