I'm finishing off a re-design of this site. It's been live since July now, I've learned heaps, and surprise, surprise, the new design uses CSS for its layout. It will also feature my new blog calendar widget (quite pleased with that one, all generated by Notes to boot!). On the issue of calendars in Domino, Stan Rogers has some interesting stuff to say re Javascript generation of dynamic calendars in Domino. His comments can be found over on Mike's Notestips site.

Anyway, in my half comatose state I managed to tweak two design elements in this this database instead of my new design copy, and also temporarily switched off Javascript generation, which meant bizarre error messages in IE. Thanks to Tone for the heads up!

Moving on, Ed Brill chips in at Codestore. Unrelated link #1: this CSS document at the Apple Developer site which is a useful aide-memoire re the snafus relating to IE5 and CSS on the Mac (my tip: use Chimera!)

(Random Mac-related post / unrelated link #2: OS X 10.2.2 is now available via software updater. Here's the low-down).

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