New design coming soon!

I've found that doing a CSS-based layout has been easier than I thought it would be, although admittedly this is due in part to the cool stylesheets available at!

The other reason, of course, is that I designed this site as you see it now to be very modular, so swapping out chunks of table-ridden code in the guise of sub-forms, for new subforms, has been fairly straight-forward. :-)

What else… The calendar widget is working well, though I'm still playing with some Javascript-based navigation. The approach I've used is an agent that generates the calendars as I save new daily blogs. This way there's no "on-the-fly" code / link generation when users come to the page, so hopefully that'll mean a quicker experience for visitors. If you want to see another approach, I recommend FreeDom Blog — thanks to Colin Williams for the link. This is a (new?) Domino-based site I hadn't seen before, and is pretty nifty. Plus all the code is open-source!

Other features of the re-design include a modified error log page (I'm getting fed up of crawlers screwing with my error notification, especially Alltheweb's new test bot!), a referrers side-bar and improved article navigation. Should be here soon…

And then, then, I'll publish some more stuff. For example, I know I'm already well overdue a rant well-balanced article about my JSP experiences…

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