Hello, hello. OK, some updates to the site first of all:

  • RSS feed — should be fixed… a character encoding issue with some of the HTML
  • Referrers are deleted at midnight every day, so the list is just "today's referrers." Makes sense to me.
  • Adrian Holovaty's getContentSize appears to have been changed, as it now works on my site URL: a reasonable 43.9% last time I looked!

Returning to the RSS feed, it would appear that my statement regarding CDATA tags within an RSS feed has been borne out. Matt Haughey does the same thing. In addition, Matt, Russell Beattie and James Duncan Davidson all believe in providing the full text of blogs in their <description> tags, something I've also done. Hope that's OK…

Now, I may even get around to checking whether the feed actually works in an aggregator… Update: It does!

Finally, the obligatory Friday silliness this week comes from, a website dedicated to debunking all those conspiracy theories out there. Most entertaining.

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