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When I did the RSS stuff, I did it "blind" in that I simply relied on IE and Mozilla to show me if my XML output was doo-lally. I had no idea whether the feeds would come through nicely in an aggregator. Well, a couple of days ago I figured I'd better check, so I downloaded Ranchero's NetNewsWire Lite. It's very good. And what's more, the feeds work! Here's a screenshot (link opens in a new window):

NetNewsWire Lite: click for larger screenshot

Talking of aggregators, I saw a link for a comic strip aggregator called Comictastic over at Forwarding Address: OS X. Looks quite cool! Will try it out…

Meanwhile, over at Julian's NSFTools site, he's talking about Neal Stephenson. I remember reading In The Beginning Was The Command Line some time back. I recommend it, very interesting.

I've just read Jake's latest blog entry. I think he's just being deliberately provocative again…

I don't want to take away from the efforts of the FreeDom Bloggers but just give you all more than one option. Although if it really came down to it, I wouldn't recommend your using Domino as the blog-engine at all.

PS I have fixed a bug in one line of the calendar code attachment, found in the article I published the other day. No idea how I do it, seeing as the live code I exported it from has no such bug. Doh! My thanks to Mr. Molloy for pointing that one out.

PPS Got an older Mac running OS X and want to speed up your Finder? This tip is very nifty. I had no idea…

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