I’ve done a bit

I've published a couple more articles, both for beginners tackling Lotusscript. Starting with Lotusscript (Part 2) deals with documenting more involved Lotusscript programs, whilst Starting with Lotusscript (Part 3) looks at coding error handlers. Feel free to take a look and add any comments. I've checked the example code and article text for typos etc., but something's bound to pop up I'm sure!

I've also done a few site tweaks, nothing major.

Now then, given that I haven't delivered on my JSP article, anyone looking to integrate Domino with the Tomcat J2EE server may be interested in this document straight from the horse's mouth.

This is unbelievable. Gartner have proclaimed that Java and .NET are both, somehow, failures. Stupid arses. Saw this article over at ZDNet in Oz via Alan's blog. Sheesh. Sod this, I'm off to watch TLC!

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