This web stuff's all well and good...

but it's transitory. How are all these nuggets of precious knowledge going to be stored forever more (chortle)?

Not on DVD / CD-ROM I hope. The things is, whilst the media will no doubt last a bit, the technology to read them probably won't!

I took a look at Breaking Par last night. A cool site with some nice floaty DHTML menus going on. Weird central column for documents, but reams of tips and code up there.

Some Java now… I've been looking at coding the odd Java client app (it'll take me months to do a UI layout, but what the hell), just to get my skills going, but have been put off by talk of Java client apps looking absolute cack, with similar responsiveness. So it was with interest that I read Diego Doval's thoughts on Java client development. He wrote Spaces which is a Java email / PIM application, and it looks pretty nifty to boot (thanks to some well-considered Swing coding).

I've had a fair bit of interest in the calendar code I published recently, so I hope others find it of use. It differs from another implementation I saw recently in that it's generated as a small HTML document in the background (so no round trips to the server) by Lotusscript, rather than "on the fly" with @formula. Both approaches are valid I think.

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