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I've made the first of some code changes to the site, in a bid to improve navigation and accessibility. Currently on my list is an elegant way to navigate around the articles, now that there's a resonably significant body of them building up. Anyway, the changes I've made so far mainly encompass accessibility updates to the blog calendar, and support for the Gecko / Opera site navigation bars.

The blog calendar tweaks are minor: adding a <caption> tag to the overall table, adding <abbr> tags to the <th> day of the week headers, etc., etc. Most of this stuff is very simple to implement, so expect more over the coming weeks!

My main point of reference with regards accessibility is the excellent site by Mark Pilgrim, Dive Into Accessibility. It's also worth giving Ed Swindelles and Adrian Holovaty a read. If you've been reading Adrian's blog recently there's some good discussion going on about this, specifically adding rel="bookmark" attributes to links.

Some UN*X stuff now… to anyone out there starting with OS X or Linux perhaps. I don't know many UN*X commands yet, so Jason's blog entitled, if there's one thing with Unix you need to know… was very useful! As for the Father Christmas story… frightening!

Whilst perusing a post Adrian published a while back on his nifty routine, getContentSize, I noticed that Garçon has written online and offline versions of this code as bookmarklets. You can get them here. Cool!

Later: those with a keener eye will notice I've now implemented full bookmark links — look at the "Bookmarks" section of your site navigation bar to see what I mean. How this is done in something like Domino will be covered soon… If anyone's interested that is! Let me know.

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