A Java day

I've been spending some time on Java blogs today. Some of those I regularly read are referenced in my links, but I need to update those.

Anyway, via Alan's blog I discovered the Undernet Java Knowledge Base which looks really good. It's a FAQ / knowledge base from the #java IRC channel, but contains goodies for all aspiring Java coders. Loads of tips, best practice, and wot-not.

Re yesterday's blog entry, if you want to read more about the site navigation bar and its related <link rel="…> mark-up, then I recommend either Dive Into Accessibility or a blog over at Adrian Holovaty's site which discusses the site navigation bar. I mentioned this widget in relation to Opera yesterday, and a site navigation bar is indeed implemented there. It's not as complete as Mozilla's but hey, that's better than nothing at all eh? Opera seem to have done a good job with their latest release. nice and fast, looks pretty good. Who'da thought it? Browser choice!

Oooh, I've just noticed a new referrer today. Chris Toohey has a Domino blog called DominoGuru. Looks nifty, go take a look-see! He says very nice things about his fellow Domino bloggers…Heh heh. We're all coming out of the woodwork eh!

Off to Santa's Kingdom tomorrow. I'll let you know how it goes. I'm quite excited. :-)

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