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The more observant among you may have noticed a new feature on this site as of this evening, in that you can now submit comments against individual blog entries as well as against articles. The blog version of the comments feature is slightly different to that used for articles, although the same base form is used; I think the two methods make sense in each context. Hope this is of use. Needless to say, the proliferation of Comments (0) text splattered around my blogs make me look a right Norman-no-mates!

Anyway, if you're interested, the technique employed is a bit like Codestore's in-line responses code. This wee tweak builds on something I had to do in a web app (in Notes 4.6.3 no less!) a few years ago. It uses a "hack" to add a form to the bottom of another design element, although in this site's case that element is a $$ViewTemplate rather than another "normal" form.

Moving on, Ned Batchelder has written a style guide for error logs. It seems oh-so-basic; much sucking of eggs by grandma. But wait: a lot of coders make these mistakes, and it can't hurt to re-iterate good ways of error logging. Nice one Ned!

Other cool stuff: Johan releases Log4LS 0.1

Finally, there's "handbags at dawn" over at FreeDom Blog. Anthony Connell writes

Yep, new version of freedom blog released today, version 1.0.3. Here's the browser demo (the notes client UI is almost identical).

I don't want anything in return, wishlists or other bs. I just hope, people write good blogs with it.

Now, I wonder what Anthony's referring to?


  1. Hey Ben; Ouch! I'll bet comments like that can leave a mark. Thankfully I'm still "below the radar" as to not warrant such a blasting. BTW, speaking of my site - what did you think? Always looking for feedback! I'm looking to add comments to my site as well and really like your approach of loading another browser window - makes sense and, I think, is much more user-friendly. The real delay is, aside from finding the time to do it, implementing my @replacesubstring triggers/emoticons (I talk of it more on the site)… but now that I think of it, it was the lack-of-freetime! Thanks, -ChrisChris Toohey#
  2. Thanks for dropping by Chris - yours is the inaugural comment! As for being "below the radar", you'd be surprised how quickly people get steamed up over other people's websites…

    I like your site BTW, and wish you well with it -- the more Domino blogs the better!

    Ben Poole#
  3. Glad I could be your first Ben; hopefully you'll respect me in the morning [;-) ! And thank you for the kind words!!! -ChrisChris Toohey#
  4. Yo Ben - like the new Comments feature and am currently implementing same on my own blog - I really like the popup window method you've chosen - may I borrow it!?! ;-) All the best! Colin.Colin Williams#
  5. I concur. The new comments pop up is a great feature.Nick#
  6. Thanks for the comments chaps; the jury's still out as to whether I sort these docs in ascending or descending order… what think ye? And Colin, is this you?? MY:DOM:BLOGBen Poole#
  7. Guilty as charged…I'll get the thing on a proper domain name over the next couple of days. Sorting?…leave as is I think - the flow is right in respect to adding new comments at the bottom.Colin Williams#
  8. Colin, I like the site. Keep the color scheme - it's catchy. Ben, the current sort works for me! It's followable (unlike LDD anymore).Chris Toohey#
  9. Having spent a whole day putting validation into my current project, its nice to see someone else is missing it too! Sorry for pointing out the obvious! (Nice site though!)Andy J#
  10. 's OK, I must admit, I purposely didn't put any in… But I may add it if the number of empty comments gets silly -- it's nice and easy to do after all. Thanks for dropping by!

    Later: There's very basic validation there now.

    Ben Poole#

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