Ed Brill soon to blog?

I was checking out Dragon's Blog, a new blog based on the FreeDom Blog template and I saw this posting from Ed Brill. It looks like he's going to start his own blog! As regular readers over at the LDD know, Ed's a bit of a character — I look forward to his on-line musings.

Ooh, ooh! Via James Duncan Davidson, a proper version of Tetris for OS X. Uh-oh…

I've updated the links page today — a few more Domino bloggers on there!

One last thing before beddy-byes: I have actually made good progress on the JSP article. It's kind of a ramble, and aimed at those just starting with JSPs. I have no real notion as to whether it'll be of any use… time will tell!


  1. Who me?Ed Brill#
  2. Yeah you! So come on Ed, spill the beans… are you going to blog??Ben Poole#
  3. Well you found my first efforts, didn't you…must have been the referrer, eh?Ed Brill#

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