"Moof", AKA Giles Radford, posts regular comments over at Russell's site, so today I figured I'd go take a look at his web pages, µCosm. He's currently studying at my old university, UKC, and has this great "news release" on his site: Kent Recalls Graduates. Merf!

I bought a great book yesterday: Effective Java: Programming Language Guide by Joshua Bloch, one of the key figures in the development of the core Java APIs. Well worth getting if you're interested in coding robust Java. First glances belies a book full of well-written "real world" best practice tips, rather than a "dry" academic study of the language. Good stuff! Here's an Amazon link.

There's some interesting discussion going on over at Notestips with regards the recent "surge" of Domino-focussed / based websites; Ian O'Rourke kicks the topic off.

Finally… Today I coded a wee agent for personal name & address books. It's very simple, and converts "Person" documents into vCard (*.VCF) files. I did find some code in the Sandbox for this, but frankly… it was shite. So I re-did it per the specs. Anyone interested?

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