HTML 4.01 validation

In my travels round the web, I've noticed a couple of Domino-based sites laying claim to having valid HTML 4.01. "So how do you do that then?" wondered I, given that the W3C validator chokes on a number of Domino constructs:

# Line 50, column 317: cannot generate system identifier for general entity "RestrictToCategory"
# Line 120, column 86: cannot generate system identifier for general entity "Count"
# Line 134, column 48: cannot generate system identifier for general entity "Start"

Later… Ah OK. At least one of the sites I'd seen that claimed validation, er… didn't! Anyway, has anyone succeeded in doing it properly?


  1. I claim to have valid XHTM 1.0 and CSS on my site which is devoted to Domino.Doc. Its still a work in progress but it show valid sites can be produced with Domino. My URLs are friendly also. Not a UNID, $FILE or .nsf in sight. I believe your hosted with DominoDeveloper also. I can provide you with the URL redirection rules to hide the .nsf for your site, if you don't already know them. regards john marshalljohn z marshall#
  2. Ah of course, redirections! Nice thinking John. Thanks for the tip -- site looks really good BTW.Ben Poole#
  3. Excuse my ignorance, but aren't "RestrictToCategory" etc Arguments and as such nothing to do with compliance of HTML code?Colin Williams#
  4. Yes, I didn't know URL things had anything to do with compliance! I don't think my Domino hosting providers ( will give me URL redirects. Oh, if onyl I had my own collated server! My document urls are all http://host/filepath/view/unid and my images are all http://host/filepath/view/unid/$file/filename and I don't think I can help this. Id didn't think it mattered THAT much though. I only use ?open on views, so I can do ?open&start=21 etc. Incidently, my views WILL validate, as XHTML strict in fact. But only 'cause the view is "Treat view contents as HTML" and the viewtemplate is "Treat document contents as HTML". The view therefore contains some performance knackering @ReplaceSubStrings for "<", ">", "&", and """. On documents I just don't mark such text as pass-thru, so Domino HTML encodes it, but Domino obviously prevents compliance with anything then. I'm very happy for the people knocking valid XHTML out of PHP. But I don't know PHP, I only know Domino. Poor Tone.Tone#
  5. That's what I thought Colin, but when you use the validator, it picks up on all that stuff… including in some instances custom IDs and so forth that one might want to legitimately use. Oh well. So long as it's efficient and accessible… that's the main thing. And hi there Tone!Ben Poole#
  6. The error "cannot generate system identifier for general entity" is usually generated by the W3C validator is caused by an ampersand that has not been encoded to &amp;

    Oh, last time I checked my site, at least the homepage and most of the entry pages, validated as html 4.


    Laurent de Walick#
  7. Interesting, thanks Laurent… No dodgy ampersands, quotes or other special chars in the html here… I guess you mean in the URLs though? That's easily fixed. Thanks!Ben Poole#

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