Old Mac programs never die

I learned something new the other day: Mark Pilgrim is / was a Mac programmer! On his site he talks about some of the wee apps he coded, and even provides their source. I was delighted to learn that he coded Chef, an hilarious wee app that converted normal text into Swedish Chef-style musings.

Talking of Macs, I'm pretty jealous of Jake — he got himself an iBook recently. Nice machines. If you have the money, the new PowerBooks are similarly awesome. Quite apart from all the other goodies, they have breathtakingly good displays. Oh how I wish… But hush. I'll make my old iMac jealous!

Now, some Notes stuff. The other day I mentioned something about some code to export contact details from personal name & address books to *.VCF (i.e. vCard) format. You can find the first version of that code here. It's very basic, but does the job, and my Mac's Address book likes the data.

Continuing the site tweaks / accessibility theme, I have added some link rel="section" stuff to the site. So take a look at your site navigation bar, if you're using an appropriate browser.

Chortle. I think Charles Miller has come up with a new word. Taken from today's blog (my emphasis):

In most OO languages, implementation and interface are closely intertwingled


  1. Although I'd love to have invented it, "Intertwingled" predates me somewhat. :
    "Intertwingularity is not generally acknowledged -- people keep pretending they can make things deeply hierarchical, categorizable and sequential when they can't. Everything is deeply intertwingled."
    -- Ted Nelson

    I first came across the term here: mozilla : bluesky : miscellaneousCharles Miller#

  2. Thanks Charles! It's such a cool word… ;-)Ben Poole#

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