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I use a Mac at home, and the Mac's address book application can import / export data in vCard (*.VCF) format. It would make sense if my Lotus Notes Personal Name & Address Book (PNAB) did the same eh? Especially given the current lack of Notes -> Macintosh synchronising tools.


I exported 118 records from my PNAB, and the code exported them OK (and very quickly). I tested the data by viewing it through the default Windoze 2000 vCard reader, and the Apple Address Book application found in Mac OS X. The test export was done using Notes 5.05 on a Windows 2000 Professional machine, and re-tested in 5.011 / WinXP.

You'll find the code attached; simply import this LSS file into an agent you create in your PNAB and set it to run on selected documents. Of course, you could just tweak this code and do different stuff with other Notes databases too. What larks!

Attachment updated 9th December 2003

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  1. Thanks for that Ben - sudden lack of job requires that I transfer my address book to home and this is just what I need!Chris Thorpe#
  2. Glad it helped Chris, but sorry to hear about your sudden need for the solution… [smiley frown] Ben Poole#
  3. This works great for my iPod contacts, too. Thanks Ben!rob galanti#
  4. I just set it up to export to my iPod too - works great. Thanks! Ro Feltman#
  5. Worked great thanksDeb#

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