Domblogs: the battle continues

Just the other day, Mike blogged Leeeeets get reeeeaaady to ruuummmmble and sho' 'nuff, they did.

Now me, I'm kind of upset that Steve stole my great tagline, "handbags at dawn" the other day in his 'blog entry for December 16th… Should I offer him out do you think? (only kidding Steve!)

(Stepping back for a minute, as linked above, Nilesh has a cool blog BTW: thanks to Jake for bringing it to mine, and no doubt many others', attention).

Interestingly, Bruce Elgort of fame is now blogging, courtesy of Jake's domblog template, although for Bruce the jury's still out. I wonder if this means OpenNTF might do their own Domino blog after all? It was still at the "proposed idea" stage last time I looked.


  1. hmm - I never spotted your tag line - I thought I was original - shucks. Heres me thinking my site was unique!! - I actually did have a handbag on my site - so that makes it slightly original? Going off now to write headlines for the next year. - make sure you dont use any of them! regards steveSteve Castledine#
  2. heheheheh ;-) It is a nice handbag…Ben Poole#
  3. Its the one I always use on a friday nite! - couldn't resist a reply on my site today!!

    Steve Castledine#
  4. Hi Ben, well, I'm gonna enter the Domino blogs arena. I'm finishing my V3 template and this one will be interesting. I've planned (I'm doing it right now) to be xhtml compliant, and will generate RSS feed and it will allow customization. I'll let you know.


    Alex Hernandez#
  5. Hi Alex - excellent news! Looking forward to your blog. Will it be in Spanish? I like (so far as my Spanish allows… ;-)Ben Poole#

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