Julian: The Sandbox is dead

Julian Robichaux writes, The Sandbox is Dead, referring to the LDD Sandbox, and he's quite right. I know of people who have submitted code and never seen it again. I also know of people who have submitted code which has been published, but under IBM badging — no mention of the original contributor. How wanky is that?

Java: if you're relatively new to Java like me, you probably use System.out.println a lot. Doing anything remotely complex? Then you are baaaad! It's a resource hog (even if "dormant", the logging statements you include slow down Java due to its lack of "pre-processing — more detail can be found at David Johnson's site), and some other kind of logging system should be used instead. This was one of the top stories over at java.blogs last week.

For me, when I read this, Log4j sprung to mind, and sure enough, there's a decent site out there giving us newbies the low-down on starting with Log4j.

OK, other stuff… I suspect Charles is referring, at least in part, to this very blog. And he's right on the money. I don't like stripping out all HTML. I need to come up with something more elegant (and more importantly, tell the poster what it is I'm doing), but I'm still thinking about it. I don't really fancy vB-style tags, so maybe I'll just allow a subset of HTML and have my code convert links automatically. Hmmm…

Minor site tweak (no idea why I didn't do it earlier): if you hover over an active entry in the blog calendar, you'll see the title of the relevant post.

Scott Andrew LePera went to see Peter Gabriel's Growing Up tour recently. I'm jealous. Up is definitely one of my albums of the year. I wonder when they'll announce UK tour dates? And agreed, Tony Levin is indeed a hero!


  1. My personal favourite is wiki-markup, but you sort of have to be familiar with it for it to work. When there are no instructions, I avoid HTML entirely, and assume that one enter is a newline, two enters are a new paragraph, URLs will auto-convert into links. I'd rather have something end up formatted badly than have a bunch of visible tags obscuring the words.Charles Miller#
  2. The sandbox has become exclusive - my stuff doesnt even get a response to say no thanks - and I am a registered business partner - whatever use that is these days!Steve Castledine#
  3. As far as the SandBox is concerned, I'll keep adding snippets, and apps to my website, free for anyone to download.Colin Crawford#
  4. Anyways, guys. Who need Sandbox if we have


    Alex Hernandez#
  5. The man speaks the truth!Ben Poole#
  6. I thought you needed to get a project idea approved before submitting stuff to I have some Domino.Doc stuff I would love to add but I dont want to be rejected. On the grounds that Domino.Doc is a little used product and just a bolt on to Domino. There are not very many Domino.Doc developers out there. In fact I am the only person in the World (Probably) ;-) who regulary writes articles about it. So is it just a case of posting a project idea and hoping one of the big names say yes? regards john z marshallJohn Marshall#
  7. Well, I guess my feeling is this: if the Sandbox is no longer accepting outside submissions, then they should stop acting like they do. Remove the submission page from the site. OpenNTF is a great site (don't get me wrong), but LDD will always be the "official" site for Notes -- as a result, if you want to offer your tools/code/whatever to the largest possible Notes audience, the Sandbox draws a larger subset of users. And besides, what if you want to offer a non-open source database or tool to the general Notes public? I don't think that would go on the OpenNTF site. Does that mean you have to set up your own website for distribution, and hope that people find out about it? - Julian p.s. -- thanks for the plug, Ben!Julian Robichaux#
  8. About the comments form. A way to do it might be to add a set of options like used in phpBB boards. [b], [code], [url] and maybe [img] can almost be considered standards, at least for the experienced webusers. It's quite easy to convert the tags to html tags users @ReplaceSubSet in in the field translation event.<br /><br />It reminds me that I still have to implement that on my site too. Thanks Ben.Laurent de Walick#
  9. If anyone wants to make their stuff available for download - mail them to me and I will extend my downloads section into a more sandbox type feature .


    Steve Castledine#
  10. UPDATE! Per's Ed Brill's blog today, the Sandbox is alive.

    Ed's site is at

    Ben Poole#

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