Nah only kidding. No long-winded guff from me. But what a year eh! Personally, it saw my family move house (when we didn't think we were going to for quite some time), I've done more DIY than I ever thought possible, and I launched this site after seven minutes a few weeks of feverish coding, back in June. Oh, mustn't forget the numerous broken limbs and so forth.

Thanks to everyone who's dropped by, especially those who've chimed in with comments and what-have-you. It's been great, and I've enjoyed the ride so far — hope you have too. There have also been a number of — ahem — interesting communications with various parties over the past few months. Who'd have thought it? With all the Domino blogging that's kicked off, especially this year, the next year should be really interesting. Here's to 2003!

Now, one thing that would make the new year go well for yours truly: someone actually pays me some decent money. Heh, so what's new in the world of techie-blogging! Anyway, to start things off, how about it Lotus? ;-)

(Thanks Brent!) Have a good time tonight. Catch you in 2003.

Later: an idea for my first New Year's resolution: I must learn to close acronym tags with </acronym> rather than </a>


  1. I'll buy you a beer at Lotusphere if that would make things better ;)Ed Brill#
  2. That's most kind Ed :-)

    No Lotusphere for me this year though… :-(

    Happy New Year to you and your team!

    Ben Poole#
  3. How about SW Symposium 2003 in Munich?

    A UK regional event (trying to get over to the UK in Q1 03 sometime…)

    Ed Brill#

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