I'll put this up now for those in the southern hemisphere… ;-)

I hope tonight goes / is going / went well for you, depending on your timezone! Following Laurent deWalick's lead, I shall now detail my site to-do list for the early stages of 2003:

  • "Related reading" search links for each blog entry.
  • Finish that JSP article I've been promising forever.
  • Finish the conversion of my links document to a view.
  • "Cookie-fy" the comments form so the site "remembers" all you visitors (if you want it to).
  • Continue using the more "semantic" tags in my HTML, and extend the "usability" features of the site. Actually, whilst we're on that point, Mark, as usual, is right on the money. Why embark upon a path of miserable overkill in trying to implement "the semantic web" (assuming one knows what this really means, anyway)? Far better to at least get the basic HTML stuff right!

Let me know if there are other things you'd like to see!


  1. Happy new year, Ben

    >Other things you'd like to see.
    I'd like to see you stop using ' as it's not a valid code. Try ’ or just using an apostrophe.

    Or look at

  2. Happy new year Ben, I hope that this new one be better that the 2002.


    Alex Hernandez#

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