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Once again I find myself in a self-congratulatory mood (heh heh) as I find a new site via my referrers list. It's worth having a gander — the site in question is a stack of useful stuff and covers Notes / Domino, OS X, PDAs, Java, and so on. All topics dear to my heart. So hurrah for its author Justin Knol! Later: I should also note Henning Heinz' site yesterday, which also appeared via referrers.

My thanks, once again, to Steve Thompson for telling me off yesterday — I used that naughty ' tag! Actually, I've used this before and never noticed that IE doesn't like it. Shows how often I use that browser. Heh. Well, bah. IE sucks! Anyway, the only place you should find this tag still in use is in the RSS feeds, which makes sense I suppose: if anyone's interested, it's an XML thing. Merf.

I'm working on a few tweaks to the site, and I promise I will get around to tweaking comments so you can whack in HTML and so forth as you wish. Also, I have a few more usability enhancements up my sleeve. As Mike's been saying, it's time look at decent ways of presenting older content on the site, now I actually have some content!

Almost forgot. Great link via 11mtr: Samuel Pepys' diary! Yes, Pepys has a blog.


  1. Hi Ben, not that fair.

    Just two days of work, most things not implemented yet, just 3 postings about domino and some in the gallery but already a blog entry on

    You really put pressure on me. Thanks for the link indeed. Have a great 2003.


    Henning Heinz#
  2. ;-) It's a good looking site!Ben Poole#
  3. Thanks for the mention. Like Henning I also feel the pressure! Especially since a lot of my posts end up not being about Domino at all.

    The best address for the site is — this redirects the where it is at the moment, but will also work if it moves.


    Justin Knol#

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