I think I've fixed the site for IE5.x

My God, what a palaver. I "float" my images to the left or right, so text etc. can flow around them. Looks just dandy in Opera and Mozilla / Chimera. But doesn't work in IE 5.x. For some reason the image gets pushed to the back of the pile. I've played with everything in the stylesheet: positioning, z-index, you name it. On this site you used to be able to see that the image had reserved space on the page, it just didn't get displayed properly. I've hacked a "kinda" fix now, thank God — I tried spacer classes, the lot (see Practical CSS over at for more on this) to no avail!

In the "old days" we just did something like this:

<img src="blah"… align="left"… >

But of course, in these days of CSS and web standards, that will not do!

Anyway, whilst I was a-twiddlin me stylesheet, I thought I'd revoke my font bitch status, in that my stylesheet now uses relative font sizing. All part of the bid to make this site more user-friendly!

Other stuff: I've implemented more access keys, and will be documenting the site's accessibility features once I'm done. Want to see an amazingly comprehensive accessibility statement? Where else but dive into mark!


  1. For me everything is to small. Need to apply fontsize.nsf :-) I know that I can scale up but is SMALLER than the other sites.Volker Weber#
  2. Yes, it is quite diddy, but I like it that way ;-)

    Actually, on my browsers my main text is the same size as!?

    The sidebar stuff is small though. Maybe I'll do a cookie-fied style switcher at some point


    Ben Poole#
  3. Thanks for the "heads up" on my site Ben. I figured it was a CSS thingy, but haven't really set out to fix it. I'm still dragging from my trip to CO. :-p Ed Falcon#

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