Domino and JSP at last

Johan today mentions the possibility of converting his site to some kind of JSP-based design. I wonder if he's serious? As Henning Heinz says, I am still investigating why I should use jsp instead of legacy notes views (besides that it [the use of JSP] is hip). And well he may ask!

For a long time now I've promised some kind of article on Domino and / or JSP technology… Well, I'm giving up on ever publishing the full thing, and instead have decided to publish what I've got so far.

The article: You, me, Domino and JSP.

To be honest, the article as it stands is a bizarre mix of brief techie "how-to" and opinion, littered with copious links, thus belying it's hitherto "draft" status. Oh well, take a look if you're interested: the floor is open!


  1. Well, Domino sucks when trying to reuse code. Subforms, shared fields is OK, but how do you reuse @functions? How is the data separated from the presentation? In Domino, a form is the model AND the view. This is not always a bad thing, since it is very easy (too easy?) to conjure up simple applications. It is when the complexity grows, when the Domino approach is not in my taste. Please donĀ“t ask me why I still am a Domino developer. ;-)

    Johan Känngård#
  2. Good points, although the MVC approach can be overrated and sometimes constitutes plain over-kill.

    Personally, in Notes client development I use agents to "centralise" @formula as much as possible. As for separating data and design, that's what Domino is built upon, surely? The whole idea of presenting data in as many different forms as one likes?

    Anyway, Domino is a great RAD tool, and I agree that this is also it's downfall in terms of code being dumped all over the place. Discipline is required!

    However, I've seen plenty of bad development on other platforms. Nothing is safe.

    I think that Domino definitely has the edge when you're talking about presentational logic. The JSP stuff I did recently was horrible. Whilst I coded as cleanly as possible (naturally ;-), it didn't lend itself to an MVC architecture, so I ended up with a lot of DHTML / JSP tags in my files. Which just doesn't sit right with me…

    Ben Poole#

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