Tracking back

I've given some thought to Mike's blog entry about comments & blogging, how best to enlarge / continue a debate via the blog medium. Mike seems quite keen on something similar to the Trackback mechanism developed by Movable Type, which is a pretty sound approach IMHO.

I had a brief scoot around the web reading up on the ins and outs of trackback. I found this link at hit-or-miss pretty informative. Thinking some more about it though, I think I quite like the simple, yet effective, approach espoused by Russell in his blog entry entitled Moof Love. See what you think. RSS feeds are pretty straightforward after all.

Site update: I've been doing some work on the site's back-end. I guess the only real impact for you is that you can now type certain things in the comments form, and they'll either turn into <abbr> links automagically, or for certain combinations of punctuation marks, you'll get smileys in much the same way as in many IM applications. The terms that will "tag up" are:


This list will probably expand as time goes on. As for smileys… there are four to choose from. I'll leave it to you to figure out which ones work. As with the abbreviations, you need to prefix and suffix each bit of smiley text with a space. Otherwise all hell is sure to break loose.

Needless to say, these changes have been subjected to my usual rigorous testing, so I make no promises as to the stuff working properly… however, I will "fix" any stuff you submit that goes Pete-Tong, promise! Let's see how things go… ;-)


  1. Can't resist take this for a test drive! ;-) RAD idea Ben! Did you use a Similar technique to the Domino Gurus technique? :-) BTW not much time my end to knucker down and add features to my own blog [smiley sad] but I'm trying my best to keep it alive with regular entries (unlike a certain free domblog ;-p ) Yo around Anthony??? Hmmm…don't know that I know anymore emoticons actually. ;-)Colin Williams#
  2. Very basic technique used… still ironing out the bugs in it. For some reason, it doesn't like :-) but others, such as :-p are fine. Heh. Has Chris published his article on auto-formatting for emoticons then? Must take a look.

    Ben Poole#
  3. Re: YMMV
    Thank you for your reponse to my question on Attachments vs OLE in Lotus Notes. Right now I'm trying to find out what "YMMV" means. The only result I've found so far is "Your Mileage May Vary".
    Have a good day.
    - LarryLarry Gearing#
  4. Re: YMMV
    OK. I was showing my age. A little more exploration resolved my confusion.
    "Commonly stated as a caveat when the person's experience is subjective and without hard numbers to back up a statement. In use as a flame retardant.
    Example of a comment one might make which is so obviously wrong and provocative that a war would surely ensue if it weren't for the YMMV caveat: I find EMACS to be a much more effective editor than vi, but YMMV. "-,
    I need to get out more.
    - Larry
    Larry Gearing#

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