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I still need to re-visit the ole' stylesheet. Take a look at the low-res screenshots of this site rendered by three different browsers below, and you'll see what I mean (they all open in new windows):

I actually think the Safari implementation looks the best in terms of overall "balance", other than that it is too small. Mozilla comes next, but then IE5.x Win is just plain ugly. As for font sizing, the Safari and Chimera thing I'm not so worried about, because Dave Hyatt blogs to say that both browse at 72 DPI, an issue resolved in some code one can apply to the Safari "WebCore" I gather. But IE. Argh! More soon…

Later: I'm ploughing through Mark Pilgrim's tutorial about relative font sizing. It's good stuff. You can read it in his Dive Into Accessibility pages. Later: expect changes as I tweak!

(BTW, the next beta of Safari was released yesterday)


  1. Browsers are such a pain - so much progress and still so far to get the ultimate setup - Phoenix approaches this for me but I still tend to default to using IE6 just because I'm lazy. For this reason, I'm a font bitch and don't use relative sizes - I guess my site must look bloody awful on the MAC browsers? - anyone care to take a snapshot and email it? - [email protected]

    Colin Williams#
  2. Dear Ben,
    Sorry to say but on my Linux box it looks most like IE Win rendering. I do not think it looks that bad. I have not enabled Anti-Alias font-rendering because it does not look as sharp as without. If I enable it I always have to increase the font-size, afterwards it looks closest to Safari Mac. I could deal around the font-size issue but i am too lazy (and it is not my default anyway).

    Anyway it does look good for me.

    Henning Heinz#
  3. Thanks guys. Henning, what browser do you use in Linux? My code reports "Phoenix" — is that right?

    Interestingly, IE for the Mac looks OK. So its CSS engine seems to be better than the Win one.

    Anyway, my researches continue.

    Ben Poole#

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