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First of all, RIP, Maurice Gibb. I love a lot of the Bee Gees' stuff — I recently got the special anniversary edition of Saturday Night Fever on DVD — and I don't care if that's a dodgy admission to be making in the music fashion stakes. As a group, the Bee Gees consitute an extraordinarily talented bunch of songwriters and musicians IMHO!

Back to business: if you dropped by last night, you will have seen that I've re-jigged the stylesheets, and here's what I've tested; sorry if your browser isn't on the list, but I only have a Mac and a Win2k peecee available for testing!

  • IE 5.5 - Win, the site looks OK
  • Mozilla 1.2 - Win, the site looks OK, same as above
  • Opera 7 Beta - Win, the site looks OK
  • Chimera 0.6 (21 Dec 2002 build) - Mac, the site looks OK
  • Safari 1.0 Beta v51, the site looks OK, if slightly small; I suggest using this if it's a problem:

Apple's Safari browser toolbar

The reason Safari is smaller is down to the previously mentioned DPI issue I think. I was under the impression that Chimera was at 72 DPI also, by default, but apparently not?

Via Hack the Planet, this interesting post direct from the horse's mouth: What does Safari mean for OmniWeb?. In case you didn't know, OmniWeb is a web client for OS X. It's developed by OmniGroup and is pretty nifty (although admittedly, I choose Chimera over OmniWeb at the moment… with Safari coming up behind!)

OmniGroup have a great philosophy and produce extremely elegant applications. If you haven't seen their website, I urge you to check it out, especially their company section.


  1. The new font looks great! - this one scales nicer (or something) than Verdana and of course is just as readable.Colin Williams#
  2. Cheers Colin

    I just need to re-size these pop-ups now I think.

    Ben Poole#

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