Dive Into Mark - Semantic obsolescence:

Find me another site that is as semantically rich (other than Joe Clark, who is years ahead of me). Hell, find me another site that even uses XHTML 1.1. (Even the W3C home page only uses XHTML 1.0.) I bought into every argument the W3C made that keeping up with standards, validating, and using semantic markup now would somehow "future-proof" my site and provide some mystical "forward compatibility". How about some fucking payoff now? How about some fucking compatibility?

Standards are bullshit. XHTML is a crock. The W3C is irrelevant.

I'm migrating to HTML 4.

Shee-eee-t. That is crap work by the W3C. How ridiculous. Well, if there's no semantic structure in XHTML 2.0, I'm glad I haven't even considered it yet. Mind you, at least Mark knows HTML 4. I don't think I've even got a valid version of that here yet…

So anyway, I thought I was having trouble with IE5 (Win). Check out Dave Hyatt's site in IE5.5 (Win) (image opens in new window).

Hmmm. Oh well. Here's something for 30-something UK geeks, discovered via one of Mark's referrers.

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