IE5 (Win) yes, Mozilla no! Gasp!

Solved! My name attribute wasn't computing properly…

I'm playing around with the structure of the site. I can now do multiple blog entries for one day, something I've been meaning to implement for a while, and I also decided to look at my permalink code again. Now, I've discovered something that works in IE5.5 on Windows, but not in Mozilla. Yes!

Consider this URL fragment:


The idea is that this URL has an anchor in it, and that the page will thereore jump to a specific blog entry — in this instance, the entry for the 9th January at 3pm. IE does this. Mozilla does not. Given that Mozilla is far more standards compliant than IE, which is quite lenient with regards sloppy code, it has to be something wrong I've done with my anchor links, but I'm blowed if I can think what. Something to return to I guess…


  1. Change the "name" attribute to "id" and as long the "id" is unique the anchor will work. This works for Mozilla too. By the way you need to do this for XHTML1.1 as the "name" tag is invalid.

    John Marshall#
  2. Thanks John. As I mentioned earlier, my name attribute wasn't right. I did have an ID attribute wrapped in the h3 tag originally, but no dice there… Anyway, fixed for now. I'm still thinking about moving to XHTML!

    Ben Poole#

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