Alex Hernandez dropped by earlier to tell me that his excellent website, now has an English language blog. So get on over there! Unfortunately, I couldn't find any English blogging. But if you know a bit of Spanish, you'll find a very good Domino site!

Later: The English language site is at, Spanish is at A subtle distinction!

Added your site to GeoURL yet? I have!


  1. humm.. let me see if I got ya!

    You say you didn't find any english blog entry? hum… strange… this is the direct link anyways:

    BTW, I keep my spanish site up'n running but you must from the english one… may be you are getting a cached page in your browser or something…


    Alex Hernandez#
  2. Thanks Alex, that link works. = English, = Spanish site… It makes sense now!

    Ben Poole#
  3. GeoUrl is cool, and you're nearly a neighbour (33 miles), it's great to see someone else blogging from the garden of England. Jim.Jim Hughes#

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