What larks

My ISP has been having a spot o' bother with BT, resulting in no broadband connection chez Poole since 4pm yesterday. Back now though! This forum over at the excellent ADSL Guide UK website helped enormously: special thanks to Mark at Pipex for keeping everyone in the picture!

Moving on, I've liked Bookworm for some time now — I linked to it in a past blog entry too. Anyway, I now discover that the offline versions of the Popcap games were ported to OS X by none other than The Omnigroup. Good for them!

More software, from a source familar to Domino coders: check out Ned's Python success story re his "Nat's World" application for his autistic son (via: Ned's site). Nice work.


  1. I feel your pain Ben. I (my ISP) had some serious issues a couple days back. All appears to be well again.Ed Falcon#

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