Mark mentions a new news aggregator for Windoze. Just as well really: I tried Amphetadesk the other day and wasn't that impressed. I'm still enjoying NetNewsWire Lite for my Mac. I should try the full version beta really…


  1. Syndirella is very nice. Just tried it out with a few of the domino blogs out there. Here's an idea. Collect all the domino related blogs with rss feeds and export the OPML file so everybody can get import it easily…Declan Lynch#
  2. Cool idea Declan!

    Ben Poole#
  3. The only things I don't like about Syndirella are that there seems to be no ability to categorise sites PLUS that 20Mb .NET framework download.

    Still, it is free!…I must add a feed to my site!Colin Williams#

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