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I mentioned Amphetadesk the other day, and in typical unthinking style, pretty much dismissed it. So you could be forgiven for thinking that Amphetadesk's developer would think me a tit and be done with it. However, I received this communication from Morbus via the site yesterday:

Can you give me some more thoughts on why you weren't impressed with AmphetaDesk? I'd like to improve it so it's more along your line of thinking/needs.

I was amazed that an app's developer had taken the time to ask for clarification in this way, and felt that the least I owed him was a more considered response. I also figured I should look again at his software. I'm glad I did. The freezing issues I had before have gone now that I have a re-imaged PC (I haven't tried it on the Mac, but the application is cross-platform, all to its credit), and I'm warming to it.

What really impresses me about Morbus — without being more of a pompous arse than I already am — is that rather than dismiss this user, he was keen to see what he could do to make his application better in my eyes. That is an exceptional approach, and one that I'm sure we all aspire to as developers eh? I know I do…

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