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Mike's replica ID trick. It's funny, I've just never thought to try this on my site, and I've been aware of it for so long at Notestips. I just somehow thought to myself that it wouldn't work in a directory-driven shared hosting environment like mine, which has a domain name grafted on top. But of course, it does! I am daft.

A very easy change to implement (for documents anyway). I have a field in all docs that computes to the current database path using @WebDbName. This field is in turn referenced by my $$HTMLHead field, which is shared, and contains a base href line. I simply replaced the code in the database path field with some that grabs the current database's replica ID instead. Ah, would that I had experimented earlier.


  1. Heh! - this all dawned on me last night when I was doing the RSS feed for my blog - the links looked pretty blah with all the 'members/rc-soaring' bit in it. Whats rc-soaring got to do with the:gutted:geek was my initial thought but obviously there is the portability - hell it even works locally so I will look to implement across the site to hide the DDN path details. Like you I was aware of the technique but hadn't bothered to try it. Oh, what has rc-soaring got to do with the:gutted:geek? - was my first domino website and I just pile all 3 of my sites under the same hosting setup at DDN ;-) which gladly is not an issue to DDN even with domain names for each one - nice!Colin Williams#
  2. One more thing - I like how Mike makes the view name a number so you get something like this…


    Just make '0', '1' etc an alias of your viewname.Colin Williams#

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