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I've noticed a few FreeDom Bloggers ask that people leave comments on their sites, the most recent being Chris Coates. Chaps, just get rid of the Java rich text editor applet, and you'll get a lot more feedback. The applet's horrible. Too slow, too prone to failure, and arguably unnecessary for a blog.

Update: having said all that, at least FreeDom Blog works on all mainstream browsers. I get the above message at another home-grown Domino blog. How bad is that?!? What's more, you know the error message is coming when you go there, because the top of the screen has this attempt at a Javascript comment showing:

/*------------ START BROWSER SNIFFER ---------------- */

Hmmm… Oh yeah. I was actually using Mozilla 1.2.1.


  1. I have to agree with you here. I received an email the other day from somebody who said they couldn't leave a comment because of the slow applet. I'm in the process of getting rid of it now. It really does make sense as when you want to write something you want to do it before you forget what you were going to say. Maybe something like your comments system is in order… I think it's one of the best i've seen.Declan Lynch#
  2. Hi Declan,
    Yes, I think you're right — you want to seize the moment! As for this site, I based the comments system on how a lot of other blog sites work… but I still need to "cookie-fy" the form so filling it in isn't too onerous.


    Ben Poole#
  3. Hey Ben, regarding the Applet….. I told him and I told you


    Alex Hernandez#
  4. Oooops! I didn't mean to do that last post. It's this little IBM TransNote keyboard. Kills me sometimes. As I was saying….I agree with Ben's comments. I have a buddy who's gonna start using the Freedomblog, and I highly suggested he modify the comment form to not use the applet. I too like what you've done with your comments area Ben. 8)Ed Falcon#
  5. That's easy for you to say - I'm no developer guru. Any pointers to how I remove it would be greatly appreciated. Cheers Oh & thanks for the link - I got quite a few hits because of it.Chris Coates#
  6. Hi Chris, thanks for dropping by.

    I don't have my Notes machine home today, but if I recall correctly, you need to look at the design of the field that holds comments. It will have an option checked that says something like "For web display, use applet." Switch that off and you should be sorted.

    Declan has removed this from his site, so he can probably tell you more.


    Ben Poole#

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