Microsoft 'n' stuff

Couldn't resist: vowe dot net: Ed Brill very popular with Microsoft.

Actually, talking about Microsoft reminds me of a link I saw over at Erik's Weblog, which was a brief discussion of 'those awful bits of code' we all tend to come across. Hmm… I've definitely done one of those "no-nos" listed. And no, it wasn't hard-coding a file path!

My thanks to John Marshall for pointing out a Javascript error in my comments form thanks to a recent typo on my part. I've also fixed the articles view—all the dates for more recent articles had gone doo-lally in the view index for some bizarre reason. Ah, life on a shared server… Oh yes, John has also been writing about caching in Domino, so go see!

OK, back to Notes and Domino properly tomorrow, I promise.


  1. Ben, I have just been commenting on the caching I have implemented on my site. I would not call it writing about it as such. But thanks for the mention, I think you just doubled my daily hi count. lol

    john marshall#

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