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Ed recently blogged at about The buzz on RAD for J2EE. Amidst all the (sometimes justified) whingeing about IBM / Lotus / the future of Notes, "MS Nazis", blah blah blah, I find stuff like this really exciting, and can't wait to get started with the WSAD beta toolkit.

So there. :-D

Further reading: Beverley DeWitt interview.


  1. I can't wait to get started using WSAD Domino Plug in too…the only pb is that I started WSAD 5 min ago on my PIII 1Ghz 512Mo and it's still not ready…Imagine I've to now launch designer, Domino, Websphere hum…Maybe Next Gen meant "next generation of computer"

  2. Absolutely; it's a beast. I currently run Eclipse (the underpinnings of WSAD I believe) and that's a monster too — a real memory and processor hog. The start-up times are horrendous!

    Ben Poole#
  3. Ben you miss the point, my "Microsoft Nazi's" comment was not made in the context of wingeing about IBM/Lotus it is made in relation to poor product perceptions. If you are going to quote it please quote it in it's proper context. The full thread is here.

    Mike Golding#
  4. Sorry, I should have made myself clearer: Mike, I wasn't quoting you directly, but using the term in a generic fashion.

    Additional comment removed to save Mike's blushes. Wouldn't want him to get angry and ban IP addresses from his server eh?

    Ben Poole#
  5. With regards DB2, I'm interested in this comment by Jerry Glover, over at Ed's site. It reminds me of when I first saw "virtual documents" in a beta of (as it was then known) "RNext", taken from a DB2 data source.

    As for the Domino/DB2 integration; I saw it and was VERY impressed. You should have gone to STR 108 where Ken Bisconti, Kevin Cavanaugh and Scott Prager were showing honest-to-god working alpha code.

    The truly amazing thing was not only was it completely transparent (to replication, to security, to everything in Domino), but that it was ready to show at this point.

    Other really cool things are the new tools that are opened to Domino admins and developers including SQL commands for data manipulation (stil l respecting all Domino ACL security) and SQL query views that allow for dynamic (user-defined) views and multi-database views (joins).

    So many new possibilities!
    Ben Poole#
  6. "I wasn't quoting you directly, but using the term in a generic fashion." Crap! You know it is. You can delete this comment and the reference to the company name I have not asked you to publicise. The fact that you can look up an IP addresses is very cleaver but unwanted!

    Mike Golding#
  7. hee hee hee.. Brilliant! I love it when you kids get your knickers in a twist about the most inane rubbish. It's like being back at school.. I'm just coming to the end of a week of 12+ hour days, ready to go insane and MG comes up trumps with the kind of nonsense that can only serve as a reminder that there are bigger a$$holes than me just a mouse-click away. [tat about who was right and who wrong deleted prior to submission]

    See me after school for litter duty, detention and lines.


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