Cool discussion

Mike continues the discussion about IBM and Notes over at this site, and it's a good one. My personal stance re Notes at the moment is to try and set aside my usual scepticism, particularly when we've been presented with, thank God, a solid product in ND6. I can certainly relate to Mike's experiences with "Microsoft Nazis" though. I think a lot of it comes down to that old adage, "familiarity breeds contempt." I come across people who don't really know what Notes is capable of (despite using it every day): all they know is that they think "it's crap" and that "we should use other products." Well OK. Show me the product you have in mind. Especially when you still want complex applications with off-line capabilities, a web interface, etc., etc. (all by yesterday of course). The grass is always greener eh?

Sigh. I just wish that the IBM attitude about ND6 — let's release a stable product and hold back features that aren't ready for primetime — had been prevalent in the days of 5.0. Or even 4.5x!

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