Notes 6.01 and the Mac

The good news: native OS X installer which works like a charm.

The bad news: Bloody font sizes! But you know what to do to fix that eh!

Notes 6 on the Mac


  1. If only, one could download it without being a Passport Member. Why is the Windows version online and not the Mac version??? I would really like to get it!!!

    BTW does it support multiple users on the same Mac now?

  2. You're asking the wrong person… I know, very frustrating. I have no clue as to what IBM are playing at.

    As to your other query, there was no multi-user install option, no. I haven't looked at all the release notes yet, so I don't know if that feature was slated for this release in any case.

    Ben Poole#
  3. When you say "OSX updater", do you mean the client updater? Is there a 6.01 client for OSX? I've tried to locate it on, but no cigar; only the October 6.0 version was available. Am I missing something? Thanks, MarcoMarco#
  4. Marco, no you're not missing something. Lotus have indeed released the 6.01 installer for all platforms, but for some bizarre reason, the Mac installer is only available via Passport, whereas the Win client is now available on the main Lotus site.

    There has been a lot of shouting about this over at the LDD ND 6 forum, but no-one at Lotus has commented yet.

    Ben Poole#
  5. Benjamin, how do you get to Password? Never heard of that, I'm ashamed to admit… Thanks, MarcoMarco#
  6. Passport is a website where you can download Lotus products… you have to have a login though.

    Ben Poole#
  7. I tried It's a MS site, isn't it? I have the feeling that is not the right place to look… Any pointers, please? Thanks, MarcoMarco#
  8. No, Passport is a Lotus site. It's no good giving out the URL, because if your organisation doesn't have a Passport account, then you won't be able to get in and download anything anyway!

    Ben Poole#

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